The mining industry is one of the biggest industries in the world that has been providing a lot of people with employment opportunities with great pay. We do accept the fact that the job in the mining industry is risky. But if you take the necessary precautionary measures and be careful accidents can be easily avoided. The way that media has portrayed the mining industry also has a huge part for the fear that people have. In this article, we will see some of the different types of jobs in the mining industry.

Engineering jobs

Engineering jobs in the mining industry is a collective name. There are a lot of different roles in engineering. Some of the engineering roles in the mining industry include planning engineer, mining engineer, project engineer, safety engineer and a lot of other positions. Most of the engineers in the mining industry are mostly involved in the designing process. They plan things and execute them. Some work on site and some work in the office.

Engineering jobs

Construction jobs

Construction is an integral part of mining. The construction jobs in the mining industry include construction manager, project manager, quality control expert, coordinator, planning executive, estimator and a lot of other positions. The construction jobs in the mining industry require a lot of hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. There are also some semi-skilled jobs that will come under construction jobs in the mining industry. The most important that construction department has to do is to clear out the area before starting the mining procedure, which demands a lot of manpower and workforce.

Exploration jobs

Most of the people who do the exploration jobs in the mining industry are geologists or geo-technicians. The exploration is the first thing that will be carried out while starting any mining project. The main job of the exploration is to locate the resources precisely. They gather a lot of data and do a lot of tests before arriving at any solutions. This might sound very simple, but there is a lot of work that is involved in getting the right results. Months of hard work and research can go waste just like that.

Exploration jobs

Operational jobs

The operational jobs in the mining industry include general manager, mining manager, chief mining engineer, and manager of technical services. Most of these roles are managerial or executive roles. All they need to do is manage and assign the work for different people. But you need a lot of experience and managerial skill to execute things perfectly.

Human Resource Jobs

Whatever might be the industry, the human resource department is mandatory, and the mining industry is not an exception. They take care of things like recruitment, talent accusation, and overall employment aspects. Their main job is to recruit the talents that are required for the functioning of the organization.

Types of mining

Mining is one of the biggest heavy engineering industries to which many industries are dependent on. Be it the simplest utensils or the luxurious cars in one way or the other they are using metals that are mined.
People who are in the mining industry and its related industries will know a lot of details about mining. The common man will not have any idea about mining or its related things. For them to know more in this article, we will see some of the different kinds of mining.

Open pit mining

Open pit mining is one of the very common mining methods that are used for mining minerals or the ore that are present on the surface of the earth. The open-pit mining quarries can be 1000 meters deep. This kind of mining does not require any kind of tunneling. In this entire mining process, it is considered to be one of the simplest methods. The largest open pit mines are Fimiston Open pit and Newmont Boddington Gold Mine. Both of them almost measure 3.5km long and 1.5 km wide. Both are located in Western Australia.

Open pit mining

Surface mining

Surface mining utilizes the massive strength of the Bucket Wheel Excavators that are capable of moving 12000 cubic meters of the earth in one hour. Surface mining is the process that is followed to mine the coals and the ore from the lands. In this process, the unwanted soil and other materials are removed completely. This is one of the problematic methods of mining because of the land decimation that occurs during the mining process. Surface mining results in infertile land and waste rocks. More than 70% of the mined land cannot be used for anything.

Underground mining

Underground mining is also called as the subsurface mining. It involves the digging of tunnels and shafts for executing the mining procedure properly. When compared to most of the mining methods, the impact that it has on the environment and the ecosystem is very less. To retrieve valuable materials, the underground mining professionals use shoves, axes and carts. It is a very risky job that needs a lot of training and concentration. The spot for underground mining is found the engineers and the geologists. Using the modern techniques, the levels of oxygen, toxicity levels and a lot of other things are found before starting the mining process.


In-suit mining

In-suit mining is used to mine minerals. It is also called as the solution mining. It is a process that is used to pump some solutions into the ore body. The solution dissolves the ore and then it is extracted by pumping it out. This method is commonly used for the mining uranium. The solution that is pumped changes the Ph and oxidation levels of the ore. Now the ore breaks down which makes it easy for mining.


Mining is one of the biggest and profit making industries in the world. In one way or the other, every one of us is using the metals that are mined out. Without mining, there are a lot of industries that will not exist. It might sound simple, but mining is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It is not just difficult; it is also very dangerous. Even the simplest mistakes will result in huge issues. In this article, we will see some of the interesting facts about the mining industry.

The first metal

The first ever metal that was unearthed was copper. The copper mining is dated back to 8700 BC. Some of the people have found copper pipes that are almost five thousand years old. It is said that copper was considered to be one of the most precious things, and it was actually used as an offering for gods. If that is the case today a lot of people will be very happy as it would fetch a lot of money. Too bad it has lost its value over the years.

Individual use

There are good possibilities that most of you might think that you are not using metals and minerals that often. You might be using them directly, but indirectly using them a lot on a daily basis. Every year an average American uses more than 40,000 pounds of minerals including the things that they use and in the food that they consume.

Minning Industry

The petroleum use

We know for a fact that petroleum is an important thing today. There are no second thoughts on the fact most of the vehicles today run on petrol. Electric vehicles have just entered, and it definitely has a long way to go. Most of us have this perception that petroleum is used for only vehicles and power generation. But the truth is that it is being used to manufacture more than 6000 products.

“Luck of Irish”

The luck of Irish is one of the very common terms that is being used in the mining industry. This term actually came into existence because when the Silver and Gold rush was happening in Western America, some of the successful miners were Irish or they came from the Irish descendants. This is how the term “Luck of Irish came into existence.”

The electronic devices

When we mentioned that you are directly or indirectly dependant on the mining industry, this is what we mentioned. Almost all the electronic devices that we use have an average of 35 minerals in it. There are different metals in every electronic device that is being used for different purposes.

There is a lot more gold

According to the experts, more than eighty percent of the gold is still remaining in the under the surface. The best part is that most of the existing gold mines have not yet been discovered.


Even though the predominant population is highly dependent on the metals that come because of the mining industry, most of us do not have any idea about the mining industry. There is a lot that everyone needs to know about the mining industry. In this article, we will see some of the things that you should know about the mining industry.


Pollution and mining

Pollution and mining

We are not saying that mining does not cause any harmful effects on the environment and the ecosystem. But that if you are under the assumption that it is one of the major causes you are absolutely wrong. According to the statement released by the International Council of Mining and Metals, the entire emission from the mining industry only accounts for two percent of the pollution. Most of us would have thought that those heavy machines will definitely cause more than that.

The common accidents

A carrier in mining is one of the most dangerous things. Day and day out you cannot be sure what is about to happen. That is why all the recruitment in the mining industry is done after a lot of filtration. It is not just the knowledge that is required. The job also demands good health and endurance. Accidents in the mining field are very common. The most common accident is landslides and people getting stuck. There is actually a record of the crew with 33 miners who were stuck in the mining field for 69 days which is the highest ever. The rescue caused almost 20 million dollars.


Mining and Canada

Canada is a country that is filled with some of the nicest people in the world. This everyone knows. But the thing that most of do not know is that it is the largest employer in the mining sector. The country alone has approximately 400000 people working in the sector. There are more than 3200 mining companies that deal with engineering, geotechnical and environmental services. It is also one of the highest paying industries in Canada.

The recyclable material

In all of the heavy engineering and production industries, the mining industry is the one that is producing the highest percent of recyclable material. Zinc and steel, which are the highest produced mining materials, are 100% recyclable. We all know that steel is being used in various industries, and hence, there is a high demand for it. The reason for Zinc having a high demand is because it is used in steel to increase durability.


US Gold reserves

The worth of the gold reserves in the United States is approximately 298 billion, which is the highest in the world. The majority of the gold is present in Kentucky and its surrounding region. In total, the United States has 8946.9 tons of gold. Many gold miners are looking forward to the opportunities to make the most of it.