Do You Need a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business?


Unlike your personal profile, Fan Pages allow you to use your business name, logo & any other branding around your business. You can customise pages so they look similar to your website, Twitter page or YouTube Channel. This allows you to keep a consistent image between your Facebook page and any other online presence you have.

By having a Fan Page, you can differential between the personal you and the business you. This can be particularly important if you have family and friends connecting with you and you want to maintain some privacy.


Fan Pages are the only part of Facebook that is fully indexed by Google. What does this mean? Anything you post to your Facebook fan page will be found by Google. Items on your personal profile or in groups will not. This means if you have a Fan Page, you increase the chances of your business being found online, not just by people on Facebook, but people throughout the Web.

Not only that, Facebook has an Alexa ranking of two. This means Facebook is the second most trafficked site on the web (second only to Google). Therefore, links from your Facebook Fan Page to your website will increase the importance of your website in Google’s eyes.

Instant Access

Unlike a group, people do not have to be a member of Facebook to view your Fan Page. If your fan page shows up in a Google search or they click a link from your website, people can look at your entire Fan Page even if they are not members of Facebook.

Interaction with Your Audience

Your Facebook fan page allows you to have a more personal interaction with your fans than you might have on your website. True, you can set up forums and discussion rooms on your website, but many small businesses have a limited tech-support budget. Therefore, including this feature on your website can be difficult or expensive.

With your Facebook fan page however, all the functionality is already there. Fans can post on the wall, upload photos & videos and ask questions. By allowing interaction you are building relationships with your audience. And because you’re creating a two-way conversation, their relationship with your brand will become stronger. Also, by having your fans interact with your fan page, you motivate them to return.


Facebook allows you to upload videos, photographs and audio – all for free. This means you don’t have to worry about using up bandwidth on your own website. Not only that, but by adding multimedia to your Facebook Fan Page you are increasing the richness of your fan’s experience. You are deepening their connection with you and increasing the likelihood that they will become customers.