The mining industry is one of the biggest industries in the world that has been providing a lot of people with employment opportunities with great pay. We do accept the fact that the job in the mining industry is risky. But if you take the necessary precautionary measures and be careful accidents can be easily avoided. The way that media has portrayed the mining industry also has a huge part for the fear that people have. In this article, we will see some of the different types of jobs in the mining industry.

Engineering jobs

Engineering jobs in the mining industry is a collective name. There are a lot of different roles in engineering. Some of the engineering roles in the mining industry include planning engineer, mining engineer, project engineer, safety engineer and a lot of other positions. Most of the engineers in the mining industry are mostly involved in the designing process. They plan things and execute them. Some work on site and some work in the office.

Engineering jobs

Construction jobs

Construction is an integral part of mining. The construction jobs in the mining industry include construction manager, project manager, quality control expert, coordinator, planning executive, estimator and a lot of other positions. The construction jobs in the mining industry require a lot of hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. There are also some semi-skilled jobs that will come under construction jobs in the mining industry. The most important that construction department has to do is to clear out the area before starting the mining procedure, which demands a lot of manpower and workforce.

Exploration jobs

Most of the people who do the exploration jobs in the mining industry are geologists or geo-technicians. The exploration is the first thing that will be carried out while starting any mining project. The main job of the exploration is to locate the resources precisely. They gather a lot of data and do a lot of tests before arriving at any solutions. This might sound very simple, but there is a lot of work that is involved in getting the right results. Months of hard work and research can go waste just like that.

Exploration jobs

Operational jobs

The operational jobs in the mining industry include general manager, mining manager, chief mining engineer, and manager of technical services. Most of these roles are managerial or executive roles. All they need to do is manage and assign the work for different people. But you need a lot of experience and managerial skill to execute things perfectly.

Human Resource Jobs

Whatever might be the industry, the human resource department is mandatory, and the mining industry is not an exception. They take care of things like recruitment, talent accusation, and overall employment aspects. Their main job is to recruit the talents that are required for the functioning of the organization.