Mining is one of the biggest and profit making industries in the world. In one way or the other, every one of us is using the metals that are mined out. Without mining, there are a lot of industries that will not exist. It might sound simple, but mining is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It is not just difficult; it is also very dangerous. Even the simplest mistakes will result in huge issues. In this article, we will see some of the interesting facts about the mining industry.

The first metal

The first ever metal that was unearthed was copper. The copper mining is dated back to 8700 BC. Some of the people have found copper pipes that are almost five thousand years old. It is said that copper was considered to be one of the most precious things, and it was actually used as an offering for gods. If that is the case today a lot of people will be very happy as it would fetch a lot of money. Too bad it has lost its value over the years.

Individual use

There are good possibilities that most of you might think that you are not using metals and minerals that often. You might be using them directly, but indirectly using them a lot on a daily basis. Every year an average American uses more than 40,000 pounds of minerals including the things that they use and in the food that they consume.

Minning Industry

The petroleum use

We know for a fact that petroleum is an important thing today. There are no second thoughts on the fact most of the vehicles today run on petrol. Electric vehicles have just entered, and it definitely has a long way to go. Most of us have this perception that petroleum is used for only vehicles and power generation. But the truth is that it is being used to manufacture more than 6000 products.

“Luck of Irish”

The luck of Irish is one of the very common terms that is being used in the mining industry. This term actually came into existence because when the Silver and Gold rush was happening in Western America, some of the successful miners were Irish or they came from the Irish descendants. This is how the term “Luck of Irish came into existence.”

The electronic devices

When we mentioned that you are directly or indirectly dependant on the mining industry, this is what we mentioned. Almost all the electronic devices that we use have an average of 35 minerals in it. There are different metals in every electronic device that is being used for different purposes.

There is a lot more gold

According to the experts, more than eighty percent of the gold is still remaining in the under the surface. The best part is that most of the existing gold mines have not yet been discovered.